WhatNickThinks App for Android

WhatNickThinks is a website that I created about 5 years back. It all started out when I was in a restaurant in Delaware called Buckley’s Tavern. I didn’t like the food too much and my dad said, “Hey Nick, you could make a website called WhatNickThinks and post your opinions on food.” I thought that it would be cool so I went along with it. Now, I prefer to review movies more than restaurants. Just because my pallet is not as big anymore. So I will still post the occasional restaurant review. They will be on their own sub page.

    The main reason I am starting to review movies instead is because I enjoy going to see them more. Also, in those 5 years I have grown not to be fond of meat as much. I hardly ever eat it so I didn’t think it would be fair for the people who do since I don’t eat it.  Anyway that’s why movies are in and restaurants are out!

Here at WhatNickThinks, I try to provide users with the best reviews possible. I like to review certain things and give my opinion to the world.


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