CTFxC App for Android


Charles Trippy Family Core (CTFxC) members, get ready! Are you a fan of Charles Trippy? Do you want to stay up to date with the latest Internet Killed Television shows, skits, and even his phone feed? What about twitter, and google+ feeds? You’ve come to the right place, this is THE app for you!

This application gives you access to the latest content from the lovable Internet Killed Television gang. With full (optional) YouTube community integration, this app includes:

* Built in viewer for all of the current Internet Killed Television channels (CTFxC, CharlesTrippy, Trippy, and WeTheKings)

* Ability to filter and search video content based on keywords – making it even easier to find videos to watch and share.

* Built-in twitter feed viewer to stay up to date with the latest tweets from Charles

* Full YouTube community integration.

Application features a customizable tab layout, so that you can keep any of the items above in the order you want – right at your fingertips.

This is the ultimate fan application for any CTFxC member!

This application has been designed to work best on WiFi or 3G carriers. As with any video intensive application – EDGE will work fine, but does not provide the most responsive viewing experience. For the best overall experience and highest quality video, please use WiFi.


WhatNickThinks App for Android

WhatNickThinks is a website that I created about 5 years back. It all started out when I was in a restaurant in Delaware called Buckley’s Tavern. I didn’t like the food too much and my dad said, “Hey Nick, you could make a website called WhatNickThinks and post your opinions on food.” I thought that it would be cool so I went along with it. Now, I prefer to review movies more than restaurants. Just because my pallet is not as big anymore. So I will still post the occasional restaurant review. They will be on their own sub page.

    The main reason I am starting to review movies instead is because I enjoy going to see them more. Also, in those 5 years I have grown not to be fond of meat as much. I hardly ever eat it so I didn’t think it would be fair for the people who do since I don’t eat it.  Anyway that’s why movies are in and restaurants are out!

Here at WhatNickThinks, I try to provide users with the best reviews possible. I like to review certain things and give my opinion to the world.